Dorun Smartwise Water Cloud


Through the cloud platform, we apply cloud computing as well as cloud service concept and service mode to the water sector. With the help of intelligent sensing technology and the wireless transmission technology, the Internet, as well as the Internet of things technology, we analyze huge water information data in time and process it. After in-depth mining extraction, we will combine cost and risk analysis with data visualization to form the integrated operation decision support platform. So we can in a fine and dynamic way to manage the whole production management and service process of the water system so that we can assist the manager to improve the over all operation management level and decision-making ability and achieve the strategic goal of development.


Unified login platform
Ensure data and system security
Easy and convenient operation
Provide the basic system access and security access framework for the information construction of smart water business.

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Data Center

Unified maintenance and management
Effective solution for information isolated island problem
Effectively reduce the cost of data maintenance and application system development construction

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SCADA System

Real-time monitoring of water supply system & equipments
Real-time monitoring and alarming on abnormal states
Big data dynamic analysis to help users understand the condition of water supply system
Abundant data diagram analysis function

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GIS System

Overcoming the disadvantages of traditional information acquisition, which need switching and scattered query.
The maximum satisfaction to water utilities for full & multi-dimensional and one-stop system using demands. Comprehensive, real-time and accurate control of the water network, plant and pump station operating conditions.

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Pipe Network System

One-stop management of pipelines, pump stations, pumps, valves, flow meters, pressure meters, hydrants, level meters, etc.
Real-time monitoring and analysis by zone, precise leakage control.
Effective leakage diagnosis and improved analysis efficiency
Real-time check of metering data and equipment alarm information

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Data Collection System

Support manual meter reading, mobile APP meter reading and automatic meter reading
Can analyze and compare users' historical data to find the abnormalities in time
Support all kinds of communication protocols (GPRS/NB-IOT/LORA…etc.)
Support recording the water quality and meter replacement information

Water Meter Management System

Statistics and classification management of water meters, such as water meter brand, types, caliber, etc.
Detailed records of water meter information, such as water meter material, installation location and time, communication mode, etc.
Using the two-dimensional meter code as the information transmission carrier, realizing the whole life cycle management of water meters from storage, installation, location navigation, data collection, online operation, fault replacement and storage scrapping.

SMS Center

Reserve the record of sent messages
Users can receive notices of water outages or other unexpected emergencies in time.