Network Leakage Management and Water Monitoring


· Wired remote transmission large-diameter water meter, ultrasonic water meter, collection equipment and system master station;
· The uplink channel of the collection terminal supports GPRS communication mode; the downlink channel supports M-BUS bus and RS485 bus communication mode;
· Accurate metering, real-time monitoring of water consumption by key users, real-time pressure monitoring, and leakage monitoring in the DMA zoning metering area;
· It greatly reduces the leakage rate, improves the energy saving and efficiency of water supply enterprises, enhances their operation management and service level, and realizes refined management;
· Water division jurisdictions, neighborhoods, enterprises(outdoor installation).


· DMA zoning metering and leakage management through the minimum night flow method (MNF);
· Automatic collection of cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, pressure, equipment alarm data and other information;
· Large-diameter water meters to provide high-precision data support for DMA partitioning, with a minimum measurement unit of 0.1L;
· The system supports statistics, analysis, comparison, report output and printing of various data.

Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram