Wired Teleport


· Wired remote photoelectric direct reading water meter, collection equipment and system master station;
· Concentrator uplink channel supports Ethernet, GPRS, 4G; local infrared communication: downlink channel supports M-BUS bus communication mode;
· Remote automatic collection, transmission and storage of water volume data; real-time monitoring of the operation status of meters and collection equipment; statistical analysis of water volume, settlement charges, remote valve control, etc;
· Improve enterprise management, reduce costs by downsizing, support ladder water pricing, protect customer privacy,circumvent the drawbacks of manual meter reading, and reduce leakage rates;
· New residential outdoor centralized installation, water meter pipe well installation and the existing building household meter renovation projects


· Support for stepped rate, single rate and multi-rate models;
· Support two charging modes: post-paid and pre-paid;
· With functions such as regular meter reading, following reading and remote valve switching;
· Fast meter reading, good real-time, and signal transmission independent of the environment;
· Realizing step charging, and promoting the rational and economical use of water resources;
· The uplink channel supports Ethernet, GPRS, hand reader and other methods of simple reading;
· The downlink channel supports M-BUS bus, portable meter reading, etc.

Schematic Diagram