Wireless Teleport


· Wireless remote water meter (LORA), collection equipment and system master station;
· Communication between downlink meter and collection equipment through RF wireless; the uplink supports CAT.1, 4G and other communication modes;
· Remote automatic collection, transmission and storage of water data; real-time monitoring of the operation status of meters and collection devices; water statistics and analysis, settlement and charging, remote valve control, etc;
· As no wiring is required, it can be installed quickly and reduce project implementation costs;
· New residential buildings, existing building renovation (indoor installation, decentralized installation of household meters (villas and households along the street).


· Support step rate, single rate and multi-rate modes; support two charging modes of post-paid and pre-paid;
· With the functions of regular meter reading, following reading and remote valve switching;
· Flexible networking mode with self-grouping function;
· Fast meter reading speed and good real-time performance;
· Realizing step charge, and promoting the rational and economical use of water resources;
· Without wiring, construction workload is low.

Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram