Prepaid All-in-one Card


The system organically combines advanced metering, sensor, microcontroller, communication and encryption technologies in either contact IC card way or non-contact RF card way. The set consists of three parts: smart meter, communication card and management system. The prepaid card management mode is based on the principle of commodity exchange, which implements buy first and use later, completely reforming the traditional energy cost collection mode and reflecting the commodity properties of water, electricity and other resources in punch points. Customers can buy and use according to their actual needs in a planned manner, without incurring late fees for non-payment and increasing unnecessary expenses. For managers, it also avoids the many inconveniences brought to customers by manual meter reading and can well solve the charging problems of scattered residential customers and temporary use customers.


· Integration of advanced technologies of metering, sensors, microcontrollers, communication and encryption;
· Simple networking structure, no construction wiring, low pre-investment cost and convenient management;
· IC card/RF card technology and CPU card technology can be flexibly applied to the meter field, and the most suitable meter reading mode can be adopted according to the user's needs and usage environment;
· A variety of billing modes such as single price billing, step billing and capacity billing can be realized;
· Modular management can meet the diversified needs of users, such as property management, statistical query, ticket printing, etc., and can achieve easy interface with other management systems. With data encryption mechanism, password dynamic verification, rejecting the non-system IC card and non-IC card operation, the safety of legitimate users can be ensured;
· Easy configuration of stand-alone and network versions, with multiple mechanisms to guarantee data backup and recovery;
· Maintainability; zero installation and zero configuration of the client; prompt in completeness, guaranteeing minimum maintenance for technical support staff;
· Secure systems, data and read/write media.

Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram